Hello, my name is Pascal Gerlach.

I am 26 years old and an aerospace engineer and an masters student in materials science. In addition to my studies, I founded my own company in Gerlach 3D-Druck in May 2017. Through my training as a mechatronic technician and studying, I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge about future-oriented technologies. The dream of my own company has always lived in me and therefore I am very happy that I could now realize it.



To give all companies and persons the opportunity to make the most of this future-orientated technology for themselves and thus to achieve added value.

Gerlach 3d-druck


Tel. : +49 4961 836450 

Mobil : + 49 172 4140490

Pastor-Kersten-Straße 68, 26810 Westoverledingen